Christmas Coaching

A game changing approach to lowering your scores- 1 Trackman range session, 1 Short game session and 2 playing lessons for just £99!

It’s that time of year again!

As golfers, the winter is a time to reflect on our season on the course. It’s a great opportunity to look back on the good and not so good points of the rounds played in the summer months and work on the aspects of your game that will help you to lower scores in the future!

As you are probably aware I teach a lot of lessons on the driving range. I see most of you up there getting your practice in regularly. I also see a lot of your handicaps staying the same.

Going to the range is a very engrained way of working on your golf game. I have found, more and more, when observing a player hitting balls in a lesson on the range and then seeing them play golf on the course that 2 COMPLETLEY different sets of skills are needed. How often do you or your friends say when summarising a round- “I hit the ball like a pro on the range earlier but on the course I’m like a different player!”

It comes down to this- hitting golf balls is easy, but playing golf is extremely difficult.

In this series of lessons I want to focus on finding YOUR swing, then I want to put that swing in to action on the golf course and unlock the keys to lowering your scores.

LESSON 1– On Course Assessment, 90 minutes.

Course management-How do we plan your round of golf? After all, we’ve all got a plan until that plan goes wrong! I’ll help you deal with adversities on a golf course.

LESSON 2– Trackman Range, 60 minutes. Simply working on getting the most out of your practice. Your time is precious, none of us can hit balls all day so the couple of hours on the range per week we do have need to be used efficiently. I’ll show you how.

LESSON 3– The Scoring Zone, 60 mins. No matter how good your short game may or may not be. Using the right shot at the right time can save you countless shots on the golf course. Let’s experiment!

LESSON 4– Back on the course, 90 mins. What have we learnt? How can we transfer our skills from the range on to the course. Learning to play like you practice.

For more information or to book or buy this package for your self or a loved one please feel free to call the pro shop or pop in and see me!

Have a great Christmas!

Kind Regards

Chris Harrison

Assistant PGA Professional

Broadstone GC- 01202 692835


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