Confidence…. Where are you?


We all know, in order to play good golf, we need to be confident. Confidence is something that is crucial to you shooting the scores you need when you’ve got a card in your hand, are in a tight matchplay knock out or you’re playing you mates for a small wager.

Unfortunately confidence isn’t something that grows on trees or can be found in the pocket of your golf bag- confidence is something you must work on- as much as you would your short game, driving or iron play.

Think about a top ten player in the world when they give a press conference after their round when they have not played well or not won and they maybe could have. You will find that they always speak positively about their games, they’ll say things like ‘I struck the ball well today’ or ‘I played well and the putts didn’t quite fall’ or ‘My game is close to being perfect’. These golfers are intentionally upbeat about the state of their golf games. They choose to focus on the positives. They know that dwelling on the poor aspects only leads to negativity and a lack of confidence next time they play.


Now think about the last time you talked through your round in the bar with your friends. I can pretty much guarantee that the first thing you discuss with them is your 3 putts, or your tee shot that went out of bounds or the one hole that you blobbed in what was actually quite a steady round. Or even, just simply how bad you are at golf.

When you think about it it’s actually quite ridiculous, to berate yourself for your mistakes and completely forget about your good shots. It’s totally backwards!

Do yourself and your golf game a favour- keep a 3 shot diary. A 3 shot diary that includes your best shots of each round- there will always be at least 3 shots that are positive, write them down- in as much details as you can. Recall things like the wind direction, your lie, the pin postition, your thoughts before and after the situation and everything you felt about the shot.

In time, you’ll have built up a log of lot’s and lot’s of very good shots- it’s great to be able to have a browse through your book and recollect your different successes. You will soon start to feel more positive about your golf game and your confidence will begin to grow!!


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