Growing The Game At Broadstone G.C!

Broadstone Golf Club Junior Section- Summer Coaching Package 2016- In association with Titleist Golf. 

Following a long winter of a distinct lack of golf I think you will all agree that we are very much looking forward to the summer months and getting back out on the golf course!

Each day brings us closer to the golfing season and closer to a string of Open events, Matches, Medals and Team Competitions. Which leads me to ask you all- how prepared are you? Or how prepared will you be when the time comes and you’ve got to nail a shot to win!

One of the processes I put in place last season was the Tuesday afternoon/evening junior roll up at Broadstone. For those of you who have recently joined the club or did not make it to one last year, the roll up was a way of you all to come and have a game in an informal, relaxed setting. All in all, I believe the roll up was a very positive thing to introduce but having spoken to and gathered feedback from you all its quite clear that the roll up could and should be much more efficiently used for your improvement and would benefit further from some quality, structured coaching and performance monitoring.

With this in mind, please see below- the newly developed Broadstone Junior Section- 2016 Coaching package.

Starting on Tuesday 12th April at Broadstone GC will be a chance for you all to have a 2 hour session per week of top quality, in depth group and one to one coaching. Set out in blocks of 5 weeks, each session will be focused around different aspects of your game. Mixing sports psychology techniques learned from Dr. Karl Morris and utilising the access we have to Flightscope, TPI Performance, Xplanar and the Titleist Vokey Pro programme as well as plenty of time on the golf course my aim is to bring a clearly laid out, fun and productive game improvement course for all Junior Members at Broadstone GC.

Before the beginning of the course all golfers will be asked to complete a goal setting and performance plan for the season. This will help to gather an idea of a starting point within the individuals golf game, enabling us to set a clear and definite goal for the year.

All groups will be limited to 6 Golfers and the entire programme will cost just £50 (£10 per session) To be paid in advance of the first week. All range balls and equipment included.

The first 5 week course will be on a first come first served basis; however, if the sessions are over- subscribed I will aim to put on a second package on a different evening.



Understand YOUR technique.

 -(Classroom) 5pm-5.30pm– Ball Flight Laws and what effects Ball flight? How can you influence shot shape?

-(Range) 5.30pm-6.30pm– Flightscope examples and Shot Shaping challenges. Who can hit the biggest draw? Who can hit the lowest 4 iron and more importantly, how?

-(Range) 6.30pm-7pm– Data gathering summary, looking at the evidence on Flightscope and Understanding what the numbers mean.



 On Course Tuition- Focus on shot shaping to aid course management.

 –          9 holes in groups of 3. Tee off at 5pm

–          How can we shape the golf ball to help lower scores?

–          When is the best time to hit a high, low, draw, fade on the golf course?

–          How do we build our individual misses in to our games?

–          Mental approach- it’s not the bad shots that harm us, it’s the reaction to bad shots that harm us- how to keep positive during rounds!



Wedge Week with Titleist SM6 Vokey Wedges

 –          5-5.45PM– Short Game Work. At bottom of driving range,     finding YOUR favorite yardage.

–          Where is your ‘go to’ distance?

–          Using trajectory to control yardage

–          5.45- 6.30pm– Greenside Work

–          Understanding Bounce with Vokey Pro, experimenting with different wedges around the greens.

–          Bunkers, how to deal with different lies and situations

–          Fun Flop Shots! Using loft to help you out of nasty situations!

–          Practicing with consequence

6.30pm-7pm Summary and Putting contest

–          Putt to the picture, who can putt best with their eyes closed?? Trust me, there’s a lesson there!



On Course Tuition.

–          Groups of 3

–          Texas Scramble, let’s score! This is a great way to go as low as you can, working in a team and making some birdies!

–          But there is a twist!

–          One player nominates to play aggressively, one plays sensibly and one plays conservatively on each shot.

–          Who’s shots do you use the most? What can we learn from    these shot selections?

–          Focus on Green Reading, how does speed effect line with 3 different styles of play? Firm, reserved and lag?

–          When does the ‘percentage play’ trump the aggressive play?


WEEK 5- TUESDAY 10TH MAY- 5PM-7PM (Refreshments to follow play and lesson summary)

On Course Play- 9 hole S’ford with 1 Dozen Titleist Pro V1’s for winner!!

  • Competition!
  • How do we prepare?
  • Letting nerves help your golf
  • Routine and trust
  • Gain control by giving up control
  • Enjoyment & Improvement



I hope this all makes sense and, more importantly, sounds like fun! Please can you let me know via email or phone if you would be interested in starting this course of lessons!

Many thanks!





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