TaylorMade M2 Launch! Don’t Panic!!

I must admit, nothing gets me excited like a TaylorMade launch. Well, not quite nothing, I’m not a complete loser- but you catch my drift. In the golfing world and in the world of golf equipment product launches TaylorMade always gets the buzz going.

I felt the need to get this blog out fairly quickly to preempt a few classic comments I would bet my (very small) house on hearing in the pro shop in the next couple of days. I respect everyone’s opinion and maybe I’m biased with my TaylorMade background, maybe I just miss driving on various different motorways to various different golf clubs doing my old demo day routine (I don’t miss that, although I do miss eating in Premier Inn Restaurants on my own- that was great) but I do get sick of people bashing TaylorMade. I literally can’t help but stick up for them. I think it’s just ingrained in me, after my well trained years at TM, to come back with the very routed reply that would normally begin with ‘yeah…but’.

Probably one of the first one’s I’ll hear when M2 hits the shelves is ‘Oh here’s ANOTHER driver from TaylorMade- the M1 only just came out and now there’s this!!” Please don’t. Or alternatively there’s the old- ‘its been 2 months since the last driver came out from TaylorMade- its about time they brought a new one out’. Sarcasm, it is the lowest form of wit people. Hear me out.

Just so you guys know- the M2 Is ‘replacing’ the Aeroburner range, which has been out for over a year. Simply put, ‘M2’ is not out there to dislodge the ‘M1’ as a range, it’s a different product, at a different price point, for different golfers, with different needs. But all that consumers see is the classic, Americanised TaylorMade marketing campaign that plugs the M2 range as the latest and naturally but not necessarily greatest. The M1 is still the big chief. It’s the ‘main driver’. The M2 is the little brother. It’s the cheaper option, with fewer bells and only a few whistles.

Price point- that kind of leads me to my next point- you know that driver you’ve been picking up in your local golf shop, whistling in disbelief at the price tag and wondering what all the fuss is about with this new ‘un-metal Wood’? I’ve got some fantastic news for you! There’s now a cheaper one for you to try- amazing! And guess what? You get a choice of 35 shafts to choose from-at no upcharge. Bargain! Try to be more positive, yeah?

Cost might not come in to your head when looking at new clubs but for most of us it’s one of the first thing that we look at. Having price options is great- every company has them. In the car garage near my house there’s a cheaper Audi and a more expensive Audi and this company also release car’s regularly- can you believe that?? A car manufacturer that brings out cars for you to test-drive! More than once every 2 years!! The bare faced cheek of it. Ask yourself- As an Audi driver, do Audi expect me to buy every single new model of car that they bring to market? No. Do TaylorMade expect you to buy every driver? No. Do they want you to? Yes, ideally you would, but it’s ok if you don’t.

Having options to buy is great; it’s not a reason to complain about ‘another’ new club for you to try. Give it a go, book a fitting, see if it beats your old one. See if it beats your old one enough for you to buy it. Test it. Challenge the hype.

Do me a favour, go on any of TaylorMade’s social media pages- take a look at a recent thread, find one about the release of the M2. I give it three comments before someone says something along the lines of ‘oh fiddlesticks- I wish they would stop doing this, why TaylorMade?? WHY?? HOW COULD YOU?? I ONLY JUST BOUGHT MY R9!!! 6 YEARS AGOOOO!!!’ Please calm down, it’s ok, it’s a golf club, it will be out for a year- or very close to- then a new one will take over. That’s OK.

I know it can seem quite an aggressive life cycle- one year- but I think it’s pretty fair. As far as I can remember it’s been like that for a while. TaylorMade did buck the trend the year R1 merged, earlier than planned, in to SLDR. This came as a bit of a surprise. But since then, the release patterns have been consistently staggered, one model at one point (M1- November) then a follow up at a different price (M2- February). Naturally this makes it feel like the turn around of product and its lifecycle is shorter. It really is no different from the other brands out there. Our friends at Callaway have more drivers on the market than TaylorMade (so far) this year and by my calculations have also brought out a fair few more than TaylorMade have in the last 18 months? But, is it just me, or do the Callaway launches sneak by slightly quieter than TaylorMade’s. Now, is that a good or a bad thing? You decide.

If you like the idea of a company having a longer lifecycle in their product- there’s companies- or A company- (*cough cough….Titleist…cough cough*) that do that. That’s fine too!

For me, I’m just interested in the product. Does it perform? Who will like it and who will it help? I’m slightly upset that the company seemed to have u-turned on the ‘LOFTUP+’ idea as I saw that work well for a lot of golfers. Plus I still secretly still love my 14* SLDR. I guess I was suckered in to that marketing scheme as well- the swines!

All in all though, I’m happy for the marketing to work on me. Put it this way, since I read on Facebook that the M2 had been announced officially all I’ve done is read about it, watch videos on it and written this blog. Safe to say TaylorMade’s marketing has done it’s job again and got people talking about the range and I for one, cant wait to hit it.

THE M RANGE Available for fitting at Broadstone GC. Full options in all shafts and head options. Call 01202 692595 to book.




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