Shaft Fitting- AMT Titleist

Just a quick little write up on the new AMT shafts from True Temper and my experience with them. The AMT or ‘Ascending Mass Technology’ is a great concept and one that is extreamly simple. For now, Titleist have exclusive use of this technology and I think that this gives them a great added selling point for their 716 range of irons. I have certainly seen the benefit in my newly bagged set of AP2 and CB Irons!

In a nutshell, AMT shafts are lighter in the longer irons and heavier in the short irons. They have the same, classic Dynamic Gold feel that most people are pretty familiar with just with an added bit of zip in the top irons! The lighter option in the long clubs helps to give the golfer launch and height for the longer clubs and the shafts getting heavier (3 grams per club) helps to add control and a solid feel down towards the more lofted irons and wedges.

As a club fitter, I believe that shaft weight is by far the most important factor in a shaft fitting. The head of the golf club is the engine and the club’s weight is made up by a properly fitted shaft option. In terms of shafts- weight has much more of an effect in performance than flex of a shaft. I think the reason for this is due to the fact the the player can feel the weight of a golf club a lot more than he or she can feel the flex of the shaft. Think of it this way, when you walk in to the pro shop and pick up a club- the first thing you feel is the weight. If a club was overly light or overly heavy that would be the first thing you would pick up on and judge the club on. Because you can feel weight- you have to be very sensitive to feel flex, even after hitting a club. During a fitting I’ll often test a lighter shaft, in regular flex, for a heavier shaft- also in regular flex and 9 out of 10 times the player will describe that shaft as feeling ‘stiffer’.

Interestingly, iron set’s having that change in weight from light to heavy really helps to give you the optimum flight in each one of your irons. For me, its about maximizing the performance and feel from each iron individually, like tour players do. Essentially, tour players will fit each iron on it’s own and step each loft and desired flight accordingly. This is something I will always try and achieve during club fittings and why I offer a yardage gapping session after every custom fit set of irons we sell at Broadstone GC.

As always, feel free to contact the Pro Shop for any further info or booking enquiries!

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