Game Golf!

Last month I was asked by our friends at Game Golf to write a small article for them to use in their marketing- Here it is in full!

For more info contact the Pro Shop on 01202 692835, we are the only green grass stockist of Game Golf in the area!

We have had Game Golf at Broadstone Golf Club, Dorset for about a year now and it has easily been our best selling ‘golf gadget’ in store. In this article I am going to give you a little insight some of the ways in which we use Game Golf to grow our business and improve the way we coach and work with our players.

Initially we were turned on to the idea of Game Golf after we spotted the devices being used and talked about on Social Media- straight away we knew that this was something we would be able to utilise. It has helped us separate ourselves from other local retailers and has given us a very unique selling point for us and our customers.

Here at Broadstone we have a very active membership, full of golfers with good handicaps that play round what Is seen as a very tough golf course. We have a strong scratch team, a very competitive ladies section and lots of members who take regular lessons and enjoy working on their games. As Professional Staff and competitive players ourselves we are always looking for any help we can get when working on our games and the way we approach lessons with our students. The insights that Game Golf give us have had a heavy influence on both the way we look at our own games and the way we give our lessons.

Before each lesson we teach to a student using Game Golf we will have an evaluation of his or her last 5-10 rounds. Firstly this involves an informal chat over the Ipad or Laptop where we go over our students recent performances and where we feel the ‘problem areas’ might be. Interestingly, the coaches view and the players view can sometimes be slightly different in the perception of these areas- it’s our job to identify where the problem(s) is/are, why it’s costing the player shots and how we go about fixing these areas. I feel that this is always such a good way to begin a lesson as it lets the student know we are really ‘on the same side’ and shows that we are willing to go the extra mile to get the golfer shooting lower scores. Another bonus is that more often than not there are plenty of positive stats to look at in a Game Golf review- this makes it easy for us to give plenty of praise to the things the player is doing well.

Once we have keyed in the specific areas that we need to work on, I will then take the student out on to the course, or to the range and simulate the situation the player is struggling with. If it’s a problem with accuracy off the tee I will use an imaginary fairway and test them to hit 10 balls on the fairway. If it’s a problem with approaches from the green out of the rough I will take them to a quiet part of the course and drop some balls in ‘common miss areas’ and talk them through the different techniques and approaches needed for each shot. The student is involved, they trust you because they know they are struggling with that area because it’s been proven to them! Their stats are their stats after all and you have them on board from minute 1 till minute X!!

Game Golf has been our number 1 selling Christmas gift so far this year (2015) and I have been selling a free consultation with every unit purchased and then up selling ‘Game Golf’ lesson packages as a way for the customer to gain the most out of his or her Game Golf unit- I can’t imagine teaching as effectively without it and I fully encourage all of my lessons to use these (extremely clever) state of the art devices!

We ‘ve also used GAME GOLF to aid our fitting process…..

Here at Broadstone we do a huge amount of custom fitting. 95% of our hardware sales are sold after a custom fitting session with our launch monitor. I’d like to tell you great example of how we secured and up sold to a customer of ours using Game Golf.

Phil is a Game Golf user and a good golfer who, at the start of the season, was looking for added distance off the tee with his driver. He’s a strong hitter with nice bit of club head speed who hit his current driver very well so it was going to be a fairly difficult fit to gain a massive amount of distance on! We went through our usual process on our launch monitor and managed to find a head and shaft combination that suited Phil well. We gained Phil a club extra distance(5-10 yards). He was happy but not £300 happy so he didn’t buy the club there and then as he felt that he wasn’t seeing a big enough distance improvement for him to make the purchase.

However, the interest remained evident with Phil and we came up with an idea for him to get a more thorough idea of what the new driver may do for him in a real life situation- out on the course. We know that launch monitors are helpful and we use ours on a day to day basis at Broadstone but we feel that the real test is when a golfer puts a new club into play. A lot of golfers like to ‘demo’ clubs on the course which can leave them guessing as to whether the trial club was actually any better than their current set up. This is how it works on tour, a pro will be fitted for a new club on the range, become happy with it there and then take it out on a practice round to put it through it’s paces. With Game Golf we can now we can make it work in the same way. Giving our customers a Tour Experience 7 days a week.

We set up Phil’s ‘spare’ tag as Driver 2 and asked him to play a round with it and then take a look at his driving stats. The newly fitted driver averaged 18 yards longer and straighter than his own. In turn, his GIR stats also improved for the round. ‘Good start’ we thought. Phil wasn’t going to rush the decision and took the newly fitted driver out for another 3 rounds in order to build a real, accurate set of numbers that he could review and make his own decision on from there. His total improvement was 15 yards, including his Longest Drive of his Game Golf career and the driver helped to up his GIR 10%-20% naturally this lowered his scoring average accordingly. Phil was sold and he bought the driver. We then went through the same process with his fairway woods, fitted and checked by Game Golf. Phil’s handicap has dropped from 8 to 6 this season and is still coming down!

Its been great to have this added string to our bow here at Broadstone and we have since added a ‘Demo’ set of tags and Game Golf unit for people to try for a round or two. We have sold other drivers, fairway woods and iron sets using the demo units in a similar way to Phil who, by the way, will be back to get his Irons fitted in 2016.



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