Practice like you play & play like you practice!

In which other sports are play and practice so utterly different like they are in Golf? Countless times we stand on the range and hit balls ‘down the range’ or ‘somewhere up the left’ then go out on the course and aim directly at the flag. When practicing it is important to, firstly, have a target in mind- preferably a small target- a branch on a tree for example or a section of a bunker in the distance. Remember, it’s the quality of your practice that’s important not the quantity! Vary your target and vary your club with each shot, test yourself, hit a low shot at one target with a 6 iron- like you’ve got to punch the ball from under a tree to the left of the 2nd fairway- then a high shot with a 5 iron that fades around a dog leg- like laying your 2nd shot up on the 9th hole for instance. Try not to ‘ball bash’. After all, how often do you go on the course and hit 35 7 irons in a row? Or a basket of 3 woods one after another?  What good is that actually doing for your game? ALWAYS have a target, and be specific- smaller targets mean smaller misses! For example, If a basketball player was struggling with his or her free throws would he or she be better off practising by aiming at a smaller hoop or a bigger hoop? Challenge yourself, make it harder when you practice. Put yourself in real life, on course, situations and improve quicker!


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